Manifestações oculares em crianças e adolescentes com a Síndrome de Down

Manifestações oculares em crianças e adolescentes com a Síndrome de Down


Rosana Nogueira Pires da Cunha,
José Belmiro de Castro Moreira


Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia

versão impressa ISSN 0004-2749versão On-line ISSN 1678-2925

Arq. Bras. Oftalmol. vol.58 no.3 São Paulo jun. 1995


152 children with Down 's Syndrome were submitted to an ocular examination. The ocular findings, in decreasing rate of occurrence were: slanting palpebral fissure (82%), epicanthal folds (61%), astigmatism (60%), iris anomalies (52%), strabismus (38%), nasolacrimal duct obstruction (30%), blepharitis (30%) retinal anomalies (28%), hipermetropia (26%), amblyopia (26%), nystagmus (18%), cataract (13%) and myopia (13%).

Analysing each ocular feature by age groups we observed that astigmatism, iris anomalies and strabismus were more common in children 5 years and older as compared to a group of children under 5 years of age; hyperopia was more prevalent in children under 5 years of age than in children 5 years and older and cataract was more prevalent in children 12 years and older as compared to children under 12 years old.

The preferencial looking test was the most useful method for visual acuity assessment in these children. The iris anomalies were more often seen in those with blue iris and the retina anomalies in the myopic patients and those with congenital cardiopathy.

The early diagnosis of the ocular anomalies in Down 's Syndrome patients, the treatment of the refractive errors, as well as the prevention and treatment of amblyopia contribute immensely to diminish the several dificulties these children face in their social interaction.


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