Resistência da córnea após ceratotomia radial: estudo experimental em coelhos

Resistência da córnea após ceratotomia radial: estudo experimental em coelhos


Luís Eduardo M. R. de Carvalho,
Maurício Della Paolera


Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia

versão impressa ISSN 0004-2749versão On-line ISSN 1678-2925

Arq. Bras. Oftalmol. vol.55 no.2 São Paulo mar./abr. 1992


The authors realized experimental prospective study of corneal resistance after Radial Keratotomy in rabbits. 13 grey european rabbits were utilized. The surgical technique and instruments were the same in every cases. The cornea's alterations were studied and registred by Tension-Deformation Diagram. The statistics analysis involved the difference between the value of rupture tension of operated eye and no operated eye. At the “t” test for paralel samples, the corneal resistance showed significant reduction after this surgery.


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